Spanish and English Classes
for Children Ages 4-13.

Little Lions Learn offers language classes for children. We deliver high-quality, immersive second language instruction in Spanish and English for children between the ages of 4 and 13. With each 25 minute, fully engaged, lesson our Lions will focus on mastering listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in an encouraging online environment. We ensure success using scientifically proven teaching techniques. With Little Lions Learn, you will embark upon a fun, language-learning adventure from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


Why learn a language with
Little Lions Learn?

We know there are really great second language programs and options for you to choose from, but we believe Little Lions Learn may be the best way for your child to learn. Your child will feel comfortable and confident learning their second language in a fun and loving online environment. They will enjoy interacting and engaging with our unique curriculum and live certified teachers. We know that being fully immersed in a language has been proven to be the best way to learn. We offer fully immersive classes and use special techniques to help your child comprehend what they are learning.

Little Lions Learn is focused on helping your child to be biliteral. This means they will begin speaking, reading, and writing from their very first lesson. Little Lions Learn works hard at putting together a program that is customizable to fit your budget and your child's unique learning style. Join us in helping your child now and their future. Let the adventure begin!


Fully Immersive

Lessons which is the best, proven way to learn.

Free Post-Class Resources

To continue your studies beyond class.

Hear From Parents

  • 5
    My daughter LOVED her class! She was fully engaged and immersed in the Spanish language since the instructor only used Spanish. She was so excited after the class to speak what she learned.
    ¡A mi hija le ENCANTÓ su clase! Estaba completamente emocionada e inmersa en el idioma español ya que la maestra solo habló en español. Estaba tan emocionada después de la clase que solo quería hablar de lo que había aprendido.
    Shavon F.
  • 5
    The teachers are amazing, the interface is fantastic and Little Lions Learns is really helping my kiddo improve in both Spanish and in an online learning environment. I highly recommend it for new language learners and parents looking for a way to reinforce existing Spanish knowledge.
    Los maestros son increíbles, la interfaz es fantástica y Little Lions Learns realmente está ayudando a mi hijo a mejorar tanto en español como en un entorno de aprendizaje en línea. Lo recomiendo vivamente para los nuevos estudiantes de idiomas y para los padres que buscan una forma de reforzar el conocimiento previo de español.
    Alexis T.
  • 5
    My Grandson had his first class and he loved it! Understanding the teacher was easy and fun for him. Jude, repeats the alphabet over and over, and can’t wait for his next class.
    ¡Mi nieto tuvo su primera clase y le encantó! Entender al maestro fue fácil y divertido para él. Jude, repite el alfabeto una y otra vez, y no puede esperar a su próxima clase.
    Irene R.
  • 5
    We love the program, but our son especially enjoyed it and is already asking when he can take another class!  
     ¡Nos encanta el programa, nuestro hijo lo disfrutó especialmente y ya está preguntando cuándo puede tener otra clase!
    Celina R.
  • 5
    The flexible scheduling is great!  
    ¡La flexibilidad para programar clases es excelente!
    Robin E.
  • 5
    I love how the same lesson can be adjusted by the teacher to fit the needs of both of my children! It's Good!  
    ¡Me encanta cómo la maestra adapta la misma lección para satisfacer las necesidades de mis dos hijos! ¡Es bueno!
    Suzanne Z.
  • 5
    We were pleasantly surprised and excited for how well class went!  
    ¡Quedamos gratamente sorprendidos y emocionados por lo bien que salió la clase!
    Sara C.